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Here, business relationships are appreciated and cherished as much as high-quality craftsmanship. We offer products from a wide range of global, sophisticated, and first-class brands that are adaptable to any design situation-- big or small, urgent or not-- that matches a decorator’s vision and demands. 


Fascinated by European art and design, we are driven to create a business culture that calls for collaboration, attention to detail, customization, and flexibility. We approach each and every project personally and professionally. Your vision is our vision. That’s been the pillar of our success for over a decade. With 10+ years of experience within the interior design and furniture industry, we understand that every project is a new adventure and every detail a welcomed challenge.

We are LA-based and have numerous international partnerships; so get to know us, stay for a while, and find creative inspiration through each of our exclusive outdoor and indoor collections that we proudly represent.